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My latest book (co-authored with Dr Naeema Pasha) discusses the key elements you need to build an agile leadership approach to your career and insights from contributors on navigating your career.

– Have you considered what your career will look like in the next decade?
– How will emerging tech impact your role?
– How agile is your leadership in navigating uncertainty?
– How re-skilling is essential for your relevance and renewal?

We discuss all of these areas in the book and generate many questions for your to consider how you shift gears in your career. We have great insights from global organizations including Bank of England, Cisco, EY, Facebook, Google, Mattel, UBS.


An enjoyable and refreshing take on major trends and changes that leaders must successfully embrace if they are to ensure that they succeed in their career.

This book provides thought-provoking insights, research and advice that all leaders should actively consider.


Helen Gordon

Chief Executive, Science Council



The authors set out a compelling vision for a more people-centred, impact-led approach to navigate the ‘next normal’. So much in here resonated with me, and has been missing from other leadership books.


Gwen Hines

CEO, Save the Children UK



This book blends scholarly research and practice-based insights to force a rethink of what ongoing social shifts, enterprise innovations and altering societal values imply for future careers.


Alnoor Bhimani

Professor of Management Accounting & Directing of South Asia Centre

London School of Economics


Championing women Leaders – Beyond Sponsorship

Why is Championing different to Sponsorship and how does it accelerate women into leadership roles?

Using a framework to explain the barriers facing women in the workplace, readers will have a better understanding of how leaders can champion women into leadership. With examples from leaders across the world and practical exercises, readers can put the knowledge into action – immediately!

Championing Women Leaders book


This is the book I wish I had had when young. The issues, the evidence and great actionable ways to move on, and great case studies.

A book for my organisation and a book for my daughters. Indeed, the book for all us women to read to take control of our own lives.


Professor Dame Sally C. Davies

Former Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health, UK



I really welcome this timely book. We need to acknowledge that mentoring is not enough. To achieve a genuine shift in organisational behaviours we need women to break through in larger numbers, and faster.

This book lays out the evidence as to why championing is a vital part of the process. An essential read for all who share the aim of gender equality in the workplace.


Dr Michelle Harrison

Global CEO Kantar Public


Succession in Asian Family Firms

How has the experience of migration shaped successive generations in family firms from the Indian sub-continent?

What role does the community play in providing social capital for the growth and prosperity of businesses?

How do family members navigate social and cultural challenges as generations integrate in new countries and adapt to new cultures?

Drawing on the experiences of family businesses in the UK and Kenya this book answers these questions and provides insights into successful multi-generational businesses.

Succession in Asian Family Firms book