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Build back better

Building back needs a new approach to feminism

In this discussion with the author of Difficult Women, Helen Lewis; we discuss how recovery needs a new way of thinking starting with women at the heart of innovation.


The hard truth - why we push back on AI when discussing diversity and recruitment

The processes around recruitment are continuously scrutinized as organizations consciously implement interventions to minimize biases; for example, blind CVs and unconscious bias training for individuals on interview panels are two of the most common examples.

Lego for leadership

Why is LEGO encouraging all leaders to play more?

Leaders have more responsibilities than ever before, but navigating the new normal means finding new solutions to complex problems. Find out how playing helps strengthen cognitive functions and improves leadership performance


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Financial Times

Calls to raise female aspirations and promote equality

Interview with CGT

Interview with CGTN

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Screenshot of Shaheena on Yahoo finance

Interview with Yahoo Finance

Why acknowledging bias is critical for successful diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Financial Times

Sponsors and the glass ceiling

People and purpose podcast

People and Purpose Podcast

Championing women leaders


Creative Entrepreneurs Club

On inclusion.


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Report: ACCA Women in Leadership

Report commissioned by ACCA Women in leadership across the Commonwealth

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Report: Cabinet Office

Report commissioned by the Cabinet Office Benchmarking women in leadership across the Commonwealth

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Report Chatham House

Contributor to the report: The Covid-19 Gender Gap